Sandhill Crane (Unfinished)In 1998, a year after Tyson’s tragic passing, the Tyson Evans Trust was established with the purpose of being a permanent memorial of his remarkable abilities and also as an encouragement to other young people in their artistic careers.

Initially the fund was established through the sale of posters of his final artwork (pictured at left) ‘Sandhill Crane (Unfinished)’. Through the public’s generous support an initial $2000 was raised, however it was the grant of $20,000 from the Commonwealth Government Federation Community Projects Program which cemented it’s future.

The first scholarship remains the same however, the second one has been split into two $500 scholarships. One for a student from grades 7 – 10 and the other for students from grades 11 and 12.

There are 3 bursaries on offer. One of $2000 for first place. One of $500 for a runner up in a senior grade and one of $500 for a runner up in a lower grade. These are awarded to the winning entrants for the purpose of undertaking study, research or tuition in an aspect of the visual arts to further their art education and develop their artistic skills. Scholarships are judged on a portfolio submitted by the entrant and the work they submit for exhibition. The applicants must be aged between 12 and 18 years and must either attend school in or be a resident of Moreton Bay Regional Council.

Application forms and entry requirements are available here.

For more information please contact us.